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Scott’s Generation

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Central Phoenix

742 E Glendale Ave #142
Thursday: 8 AM – 8:45 AM

Central Phoenix Members

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

Financial Advisor

Business Name: RBC Wealth Management

Description:  We have the privilege of working with individuals and families in assisting them in achieving their financial goals. We take a holistic approach and take into consideration our clients current situation and future financial goals to develop a time tested and tailored financial plan to help them achieve these goals. My passion for working with and assisting others is what led me to this career and realizing the need for good advice and guidance drives me.

I work on a team with a Senior Partner and a Client Associate and together we have a diverse client base. I see everyday how much we can help and guide those who don’t have the right plan or don’t have the financial support they feel like they need and require.



Website: us.rbcwm.com/pisonijacksongroup 
Email: Matt.Jackson@rbc.com
Phone: 602.421.1925

Gregory Cook

Gregory Cook

Commercial Insurance Agent

Business Name:AAA Arizona

Description: Greg has 30 years of insurance industry experience.   With AAA Arizona, he is a Commercial Outside Agent.

He is able to insure a variety of commercial risks,  having numerous direct carrier and E&S broker relationships.

Besides coverage for all Arizona, he has other states including California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Montana.


Website: https://az.aaa.com/
Email: gregory.cook@arizona.aaa.com
Phone: 602-285-6294

Randall Humphreys

Randall Humphreys


Business Name: AAA

742 E Glendale ave Suite 182 Phoenix, Az  85020

Description: Born and raised in Phoenix, after I retired from the navy in 2001 I transitioned into the insurance industry .  I have  Been in the insurance business over 15 years, I over AAA memberships, and all your personal and commercial, insurance needs.

Website: https://az.aaa.com/membership/offices/phoenix
Email: randall.humphreys@arizona.aaa.com
Phone: 928.205.1711

Brian Woloshin

Brian Woloshin

Information Technology and Services Professional

Business Name: Brian, The Computer Wizard
Description: I own and operate a computer repair and support business, I remove viruses, malware, and spyware. I install security software, update systems and drivers, install applications, and educate my clients on how to keep their computers in working order. I also install printers, scanners, and other hardware. In addition, I also update computers adding memory and new hard drives. I also create fliers, websites, and brochures. Starting soon, I will also be offering basic computer classes.

Website: thecomputerwizard.info
Email: brian@thecomputerwizard.info
Phone: 602.717.6382

Michael Pifer

Michael Pifer

Sales assistant

Business Name:  US Health Advisor
Description: Before I began my career as a health insurance agent with USHEALTH Advisors, I owned a small residential painting business for over a decade in the Chicago area. Because of this experience, I understand the difficulties in obtaining affordable and beneficial health coverage. USHEALTH Advisors has given me the opportunity to help individuals in the small business community, as well as anyone who is looking to find reliable health coverage. I take great pride in coming up with the right coverage for individuals and their families and providing them with any customer service that they need afterward.  I truly believe in our company’s motto of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday.  I look forward to connecting with and helping as many people as I can.


Website:  USHAdvisors.com
Email: MICHAEL.PIFER@USHAdvisors.com
Phone: 630-330-1778

Bob Katz

Bob Katz

Executive Director

Business Name: GoPro Networking
Description: I am the Founder and Executive Director of GoPro Networking. I started this organization in 2006 after belonging to many chambers and referral organizations. For me most had way too many rules, regulations and took way too much time. I also felt the cost of a weekly meal that I did not eat was way too much.

I put together a very simple program were small business people could come together on a weekly basis and build relationships with very minimal amount of time and money.

My concept has proven to be most beneficial to hundreds of business people over the years. It has been my honor and privilege to assist and observe our members build and grow their businesses.

Website: www.gopronetworking.com
Email: bob@gopronetworking.com
Phone: 602.692.7686

Glenda Katz

Glenda Katz

Networking Membership

Business Name: GOPRO
Description: I have been involved in sales for the past 14 years. My extensive marketing background will be a real value working with current members to attract power partners for each one of you!

Website: gopronetworking.com
Email: glenda@gopronetworking.com
Phone: 480.518.3038

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Memberships: glenda@gopronetworking.com

GoPro, LLC.

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