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We offer business professionals the opportunity to network, exchange referrals and share needs with other business owners within their community. If you are interested in becoming a GoPRO member, please click on the Register button below and complete the registration form.

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Bob Katz

Executive Director

Good <em><strong>solutions</strong></em> for your business!

The growth of ones business largely depends on who you know. PRO will give you the opportunity to meet people and develop contacts you can count on. Once you get to know the people in your group, you will develop a net work that can last a life time.
Bob Katz
Executive Director

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Tell us about your success.

Eric Snelz

CEO, Executive Director

Increasing <em><strong>my</strong></em> business!

Dear Bob and Glenda

Just did a quick inventory of my approximate two years with Go Pro

One of the things I often enjoy is the casual conversation with the group that often become very informative when someone has a personal need. I have learned many things from the speakers i did not know from our group that I have used.

I did’t join planning on having a handful of advisers on various topics or to make some new friends but that is what I received.

Beyond that:

Last year Mike Boucos prepped by bridge to Medicare ( Yes, I’m 65)

Darryl Bingham is asking his Lyons group for a speaking engagement for me

I’m ordering two of the pull up advertising banners from Jackie Wszalek

We are moving our insurance to Larry Martinez

I have used Kevin Harkins to clean out my dryer vent

My Son uses Don Whitman’s CPA team and Don got me in front of his group in Anthem

Not bad for a group of this size!

Eric Snelz

CEO, Executive Director

Helping Hands For Freedom

Website: Helpinghandsforfreedom.Org.
Email: esnelz@Helpinghandsforfreedom.Org






Patricia Thornham


Increasing <em><strong>my</strong></em> business!

I joined about a year ago and have had great success networking through GoPro. Increasing my business has just been a part of the rewards, the people are just great! I’m grateful to GoPro for all the networking opportunities.  Getting to know members in other chapters has proven to be most valuable.
I highly recommend GoPro as it is a very active networking group.
Patricia Thornham

Jim Roth

Board Member

Networking <em><strong>can change</strong></em> people's lives

I have been a member of a GoPro for going on 11 years. I am also a mentor for The Business Mentoring Team. I can’t stress enough the importance of being involved with a net-working group such as GoPro. It will take time but once in a good group I see no reason to quit. It will expand your pre-sence in the market place and develop wonderful relationships that can last a life time.  An often over-looked aspect of being in a networking group is the other benefits that come with membership besides referrals.
GoPro has a wonderful policy of having members from other chapters come speak. It was because of this practice I came in contact with Patricia Thornham , PT Design.  Patricia gave a very informative presentation and after the meeting we exchanged contacts.  That exchange resulted in a substantial contribution to Bridge to Hope, a charity for homeless women.
Networking can change people’s lives. Thank you GoPro
Jim Roth
Board Member Bridge to Hope
602 -717-4358

Justin Cairns

Financial Advisor

Establishing trust and <em><strong>building relationships</strong></em>

I have been a member of Go PRO since 2008. I came into the group with my focus on establishing trust and building relationships. Good things take time to develop and it took me almost a year before I was endorsed by a fellow member to a client. GoPRO has and will continue to be a staple of my practice.

Justin Cairns
CLU ®, ChFC® Financial Advisor
Raymond James
14850 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 155
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Direct: (480) 365-6888
Fax: (480) 315-8196

Don Hastings


Listen to your <em><strong>GoPro</strong></em> members

My wife began seeing a new dental group. First visit: 1+ hours of waiting. 20 minute appointment which included setting up a 2nd appointment.

2nd appointment. Again,  1+ hours of waiting. Deep cleaning then scheduling for four root canals on front teeth. Around $4,500.

3rd appointment. I went along for the ride and made sure my wife took full “cranial” x-rays from a specialist from about a year ago. Again 1+ hour wait before I had to leave. Took her another ½ hour to be seen. Once the x-rays were looked at a new schedule to have the teeth removed and an appliance made…. Over $3,000.

Since Jim Roth had talked to me about the Mid-Western University School of Dentistry I asked my wife to set an appointment. She did. When she arrived she had a total wait time of…. THREE  MINUTES!!!

After the student and professor had x-rayed, done the depth measurements, etc the final verdict was…….NOTHING HAD TO BE DONE. Teeth were just fine! So, thanks to the discussion with Mr. Jim Roth, we were able to save four teeth and over $4,000!!! Talk with and listen to what your GoPro members have to say about their experiences.

C. Don Hastings

Farm Bureau Financial Services
18301 N. 79th Ave., Suite D-146, Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: (623)-878-2491
Fax: (623) -243-4085
Email: chastings@fbfs.com

Pamela McCollough


Return on my <em><strong>Investment</strong></em>

The Scottsdale Promenade Go Pro Group is a relatively new chapter.  I have been a member since October 2014 and make it a commitment to attend weekly, meeting professionals from many different industries.  The return on my investment has been significant!  

Pamela McCollough
(602) 828-3112
Platinum Realty Group
MBA, CMRS (Certified Military Residential Specialist)
Multi-Million Dollar Producer


Shane Warner/ Warner Law

Accident Injury Attorney


Develop strong friendships while paying dividends to my business

I have been an active member of Go Pro Networking for around 6 years now.  I was introduced to the North Scottsdale chapter shortly after I relocated to Arizona from the Midwest.  The thought of joining an intricate and active networking group seemed much more attractive than blindly marketing at much higher dollars, so I joined Go Pro immediately.   I’ve always enjoyed getting to know a smaller, manageable group size since it better allows me to promote my business and build the trust necessary when it comes to strong referrals.  Attending weekly meetings and seeing the same faces over and over allowed me to develop strong friendships while paying dividends to my business.

As an injury attorney, I can honestly share with you that 2 of the 3 largest cases I’ve ever worked on came directly from my relationships with other Go Pro members.  With time, I have been able to build the trust and confidence of our members.  Go Pro has been a tremendous building block of my law practice and I’m very thankful and blessed to be a part of my chapter.

– Shane M. Warner, Personal Injury Attorney with WARNER LAW  #(480) 219-4153

Shane M. Warner

Attorney at Law


8700 E. Vista Bonita Drive, Suite 236

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 219-4153 – Office

(480) 625-3038 – Fax



Licensed in Arizona, Iowa & Nebraska

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